Gloomy Nights And Living Dead


Finish off all the zombies in the cemetary


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Gloomy Nights And Living Dead is a fun action game where you have to escape from a cemetery that's crawling with zombies and other things that are even more dangerous.

The game is made up of 100 maze-like levels in which you'll have to face off against zombies, phantoms, ghosts, and skeletons. Your objective on each level will be to kill all the enemies and to get as many points as possible while doing so. This will be very easy at the beginning, but it'll get much more difficult as you advance.

The graphics pay homage to the classic 8 bit Nintendo games, which will bring back some very good memories for the veteran video game players.

Gloomy Nights And Living Dead is a very fun one-player game, and a potential addiction in its two-player co-op mode. If you have a friend who wants to kick some undead butt, don't give it a second thought!
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